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There is a time when your Epson Printer machine run out of black ink in the midst of your printing task. What will you do if you don’t have time to go and buy a new cartridge; neither you have time to change your printer black ink cartridge? Mostly, this happens when you are in a hurry. The situation becomes little critical, but as you know we have the solution for all critical situations. If you are using Epson Printer ink then print in black color using the remaining color cartridges. Yes, it is possible!

Follow these steps to make your Epson printer print in monochrome even without black ink. If you want then you can take help for the same from printer professionals whom you can dial at Epson Printer help number UK.

  • Click on the Start and go to the Control Panel.
  • From the Control Panel, click Printers and Devices.
  • Look for your printer icon in the list and then right-click it to open the drop-down options.
  • From the drop-down options, click Properties and then click on Color options in the ink set.
  • As your printer is running out of black, click on the color set options and click Apply.

You can use the above method if you are aware that your printer is not having black ink, but if you encounter Epson Printer “ink run out” issue in the midst of printing task then follow the given guidelines as per your operating system.


  • Stop the print queue or cancel the print process. Take help for the same from printer experts on Epson Printer customer care number UK.
  • Now go to Printers and Devices and select you’re your printer as explained above.
  • Then go to Quality option and click on Plain paper from the Type Settings.
  • After this, from the Print option, click on Grayscale and click Ok. Grayscale is limited to print in monochrome only.
  • You will see an indicator of monochrome printing on your monitor, now run print.


  • Stop Print queue and then navigate to Epson Printer Utility to open a dialog box.
  • Now click on Driver Settings and check “Permit temporary black printing” box.
  • Then go to Print Settings and click on Plain paper for media type.
  • Select Grayscale and click Ok.
  • Run Print.

Enjoy printing without getting worried of black ink. But this type of printing could cost more, thus it is suggested that you should install a black ink cartridge as soon as possible.