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HP LaserJet printers are designed using advanced technology. These printers can accept print jobs from different types of programs such as word processing, spreadsheet and internet etc. the printer stores all your computer documents on the memory chip so that you can continue with your other work on the computer. With continuous usage of your printer, its memory gets filled and starts causing issues like printer not printing or it is just printing the part of the document. In this situation, you need to clear your printer memory so that the printer can come back to its working state.

We are going to explain everything in detail for cleaning printer memory. Remember that if you find any difficulty in following the instructions given here then you can access remote service which is available at HP Printer support UK.

Clear Printer Memory Through Control Button

  • Press cancel/reset button of your LaserJet printer continuously until you see “ready” message on printer’s display screen.
  • Now turn your printer’s power switch off in case you don’t see the “ready” message. The power switch is mostly located on the side or back of the printer.
  • This is time to turn your printer’s power switch On. You will see the “ready” message after the printer finishes the warm-up process.

Steps To Clear the Memory of Printer for Windows System

  • Click the Start button and type Run in the “search programs and files” box of Windows 7. In case of any other version of Windows, you can consult printer experts at HP Printer help number UK.
  • Type “Control Panel” in the Open box and press Enter.
  • After this, right-click on your HP LaserJet Printer icon and click Open.
  • From the right-click menu, click Printers and then click “Cancel All Documents”. This will clear your printer memory.

The Process If Different For Mac User

  • Click on Mac’s hard drive icon and then go to Applications.
  • After that, click Utilities and then Print Center. This will open a Printer List dialog box.
  • Click Printers and then tap on “Show Queue”.
  • Press and hold the Option key from Mac’s keyboard and then click “Quit Print Center”
  • Then click OK in the alert box to clear your printer’s memory.