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HP Printer instated a varied number of models which has revolutionized the way of printing. Despite when the device is absolutely working fine, the printouts show to print output with streaks or lines. The lines showing on the output are perpendicular to the direction the paper moved through the device. These types of printouts are unaccepted as they don’t look professional whether they are for office use or home use. In case, you want to fix this particular issue, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Ink Levels:

For the first step, you have to check the ink levels which define if they have any hand in this issue. But you have to make sure that the product is turned on and can be connected to the computer. You can now analyze the ink levels through control panel and click on the Estimated Ink Level Tab. Make sure that you have refilled the cartridges if they are shown to be low. HP Printer Customer Care Number can better assist you for refilling them in the correct manner.

Printer Settings:

Sometimes, the settings in your printer are not set appropriately making such issues to generate. You must modify some options like Paper quality, Paper Type and Paper size in the Printing Shortcuts menu to boost up print quality. Modifications in all these options will resolve all the print quality issues. Moreover, you should also try to adjust the amount of ink that prints on a page. If you want to have lighter images, just take the slider to the left and for the darker ones, you need to take the slider to the right. Change the Advanced settings so that print quality will come out as good as usual.

Clean Print Cartridge Utility:

As the next step, you are recommended to Run Clean Print Cartridge Utility for making such issue disappear. It will clear off the dirt from the inner portion of your Printer Cartridge. On seeing the Device Services tab, just click Clean the Print Cartridges, follow the onscreen instructions carefully. Having issues while cleaning the cartridges? Consult at HP Printer Helpline Number UK and get easy guidance.

Print something:

After following the above given steps, try to print a test page. Make sure that you have printed when the device is on and cancel all the print jobs already in queue first. If the printouts are still appearing with streaks or lines, go for replacing the cartridges.