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Storing our personal, financial and confidential content in the computer gives us a sense of security. But this is a fact that your computer data is never secure. What if a hacker gets access to your computer or some else try to use your PC without your permission? In fact, your system might get stolen and then the thief can misuse your data. Considering all this in mind, McAfee has launched a very useful tool known as McAfee Shredder. If you simply delete a data it goes to your system recycle bin or temporary internet file folder. Those files and folders can be recovered if you want, but shredder deletes them in a way that they can’t be recovered.

There are some data in your system that is very important and confidential for you. But you don’t need it for a longer time period. Like if you have generated a PIN online then after getting it you delete the file so that no one else can access it. You can shred such data once for all. McAfee shredder works like a paper shredder. Once you shred paper then it is impossible to restore the paper in its original manner, similarly once a file is shredded then it is irrecoverable. Thus, shred file that you are sure that you don’t need. Learn more about this tool from McAfee professionals by giving them a consult at McAfee contact number.

If you want to get rid of the financial document or any other file that is stored in your PC then you can use this tool as explained below.

  • Open McAfee Security Center by double-clicking its icon from the system tray or by selecting the program from the Start menu.
  • Now look for the “Tools” tab that is located on the left side of the McAfee interface and click it.
  • Select Shedder from the list of tools from the top left of the Security Center window.
  • Now you need to select how much data you want to shred by clicking either “Erase files and folders” or “Erase an entire disk”.
  • Then decide how many times you want to process the file. Choose “Quick” to shred the file once, “Comprehensive” to shred the file seven times or “Custom” to shred it up to seven times.
  • Select the file you want to erase by clicking on Browse. Don’t commit any mistake here, if you need then call experts at McAfee help number for help.
  • Cross-check if you have selected the correct file, and then click “Finish”.


Your file will be permanently deleted. No one including you will be able to retrieve it.