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Both antivirus and Firewall are designed to provide security to user’s system but they work in a different manner. On the one hand, antivirus protects you against internal attacks and malicious program, whereas a Firewall acts as a barrier for unsafe incoming and outgoing traffic through the internet. An antivirus is software that detects infected files and programs and removes them from your PC. A Firewall can be both hardware and software that monitors and filters external threats. Let us learn about them in details:


It is an essential part of a security program that monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic through your network and even prevents you from hackers attack so that you can surf freely. It blocks all unauthorized connections to your computer and lets you decide which programs and applications can access the internet and which not. When you have a strong Firewall software program like McAfee or Kaspersky then you can use internet anywhere without any kind of risk but if you are using a hardware Firewall like one included with your router can only protect your system if you are home.

Installing software like McAfee LiveSafe gives you the benefit of two-way Firewall that filters both incoming and outgoing traffic. It even protects your device, your identity and personal data. McAfee Firewall will prompt you whether or not to allow the program to access the internet. It is totally on you if you allow it or not. In fact, you will be triggered if a program tries to access the internet in some other way and violated Firewall rules. You can configure Firewall settings as per your desire but it is suggested that before making any changes do consult experts on McAfee technical help Number UK.

After McAfee, Kaspersky Firewall is also considered to be very strong. Both Internet Security and Premier product of Kaspersky includes Firewall. Here also user is allowed to manage Firewall rules for blocking or permitting internet access.


An antivirus program gives you security against malicious programs that come through the internet. It works step-by-step; first, it detects the threats then identifies it as malware or virus and then take action of removing it or quarantining it. You can find different antivirus products in the market. If we just talk about McAfee then even it has multiple security suits. McAfee Antivirus Plus is a cloud-based antivirus and endpoint security that can protect multiple devices from all sorts of threats.

Kaspersky offers both free and paid version of Antivirus. Even its free software is capable of providing the basic protection to its user. If you are a home user then Kaspersky free software is perfect for you. If you go for Kaspersky paid version then your security is enhanced by its advanced features and utilities. You can learn about its utilities and features from professionals at Kaspersky Customer Care Number UK.

No matter which antivirus or Firewall you are using but make sure that you always keep your software updated to access complete protection. Most paid versions of McAfee and Kaspersky includes Firewall as well. Thus, you do not have to buy different software to access both. Choose the best one as per your requirements.