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We all need many types of application to accomplish our regular work related to office or home. But, what happens after you gotten the application blocked from AVG Antivirus? It is hard to tell the actual impact on users as everyone has the individual necessity that they can’t explain. Either their work is getting delayed or they are missing the opportunities to get the best for them due to an application is getting blocked. The reason for this issue is the firewall of AVG Antivirus that is declining its use or compatibilities is not good. Usually, it happens when an application is not recognized by its firewall. At this time, you need to follow some necessary steps that are mentioned below.

1. Open AVG Antivirus.
2. Click on the firewall.
3. Click the Settings option and select Advanced Settings.
4. On the left side of the screen, you will find Applications. Click on this.
5. Click Add button.
6. Now you will see a table of some paths where you need to browse the application and open that.
7. Then, you need to click on Create.
8. Click OK to close the firewall settings.

These are the steps you need to follow to allow an application in its firewall so that, it starts to work normally. Many times, users also face the situation that it doesn’t work, they have tried and followed the instruction but, problem is not fixing. At this time, you need to talk to the technicians at AVG Helpline Number UK to get an immediate solution for the issue. They are having a great knowledge in this field with required skills to help you by giving you some trouble-free assistance in resolving any kind of tech issue that you could face during the use of antivirus software. So, do contact them anytime as they are 24 hours available to serve you the best support in a right way so issue will not occur again.