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Epson is a leading printer brand which has acquired great fan base in the home users worldwide. Epson’s range of inkjet, laser and dot matrix printers is used all over the world in offices as well as home. These printers are easy to use, elegant, and produce great print quality. They come fitted with great printer heads which are capable of giving fine quality prints for long. The company has always tried to give the best to its users and ensures the same by testing all its printers strictly for any kind of technical defect.

However, technical problems related to drivers, software, firmware, etc. can still arise in the printers. Apart from this, you can also face issues like non responsive printer, low quality printing, duplication of printing, printer disappearing from network and problem in configuring printer setting. If you are also facing any such problem and want instant technical service you can always call us at 0808-196-1485 Epson Printer Contact Number UK for instant resolution. Our team work with full dedication, to resolve your problems in short time frame. These professional technicians handle dozens of issues in one day and solve them as if it’s their own problem.

Toll Free Help Number offers round the clock technical support for any kind of issue arising in your Epson Printer at any point of time. We have a team of certified experts who can resolve all your printer worries instantly through their capable phone support or via remote assistance service. There are various reasons that make us better than any other technical support company. You can call us any time as we work 24x7, plus there is nothing that our printer masters can’t help you with. We always make sure that our clients never face the same issue at least in the near future.

Most of the printer issues are generally a product of improper maintenance of the printers. If you devote a little amount of time on proper cleaning of your printer then most of such issues can be avoid easily. Follow these simple instructions to keep your printer clean and free from unnecessary problems.

Epson Printer Issues :-

Manually Start the Spooler Service

It is the spooler that processes the document from PC to printer. Sometimes, users are unable to print because of spooler problem; in that case you need to manually start spooler service.

• Login to your computer with administrative account and click on Start menu.
• Then go to the “Control Panel” and open “Administrative tool” folder.
• Double-click on “Services”; you will see a list of all computers’ available system services.
• You will find “Print spooler” in the list, please click anywhere on it to highlight it.
• After that, click on “Start the service” link.

This will manually start the spooler service; in case service is already running then try clicking on the link “Restart the service”.

Clean Epson Printer Roller

Are you getting unwanted marks on your printed document? It happens because of dirty print roller. You need to follow the instructions to clean Epson Printer roller:

• Turn of your Epson printer.
• Web the cleaning pad and squeeze the excess water.
• Hold down ink button and simultaneously press and hold power button.
• When ink and paper lights start flashing, just release the button.
• Load the cleaning sheet and press the paper button. (This will take around 3 minutes)
• Till paper feeding is done, clean the roller. Wipe it with a damp cleaning pad.

Once the process gets complete, check for dirty marks, if there are no marks then good otherwise repeat the process until you get clean sheet and then turn off your printer.

Epson Printer Error Code W-61

Epson Printer error code W-61 mainly occurs in two conditions, one when power light doesn’t turn on and second when the power light is on but still nothing is printing. There are three different ways to fix the issue; you can try them one by one:

• Make sure that your PC and printer both are well connected with the same network. Also make sure that your PC and printer are connected with each other.
• Always use appropriate cable that came with your printing machine to connect device.
• If you are installing your printer driver for the first time then make sure you do it with the CD that came with the printer. Although, if it is not the first time then installation of driver can be done through manufacturer’s website as well.

Printer Cleaning Tips:

• Clean your printer regularly as it can help you in getting great quality prints for longer periods.
• Always check that the paper in the feed tray is not carrying dust as it can damage your printer drum.
• Never use harsh cleaning agents like alcohol for cleaning your printer as printer is made up of plastic which can get damaged.
• For your inkjet printers, run the auto head cleaning operating regularly if you want good prints.
• Always perform the nozzle check after running an auto head cleaning process to ensure that the nozzles are unclogged.
• Align your printer head properly for getting good quality prints.
• Use only good quality ink or toner if you want to get high quality prints and keep your printer running well for long.

Services We Provide

The user can come across several problems on their day to day life while working on printers. But now they don’t have to worry about them as we are bringing solution for every problem at our help desk.

• Technical assistance for installing the printer properly on your system.
• Resolution of any kind of quality related problem experienced like fuzzy or blurred prints.
• Help in dealing with all kind of driver related problems in your printer.
• Support for resolving various software conflicts faced by your printer software.
• Help in addressing the error prompts received from your printer promptly.
• Technical assistance if your printer is not responding to your repeated print commands.
• Help for connecting your printer to the system properly.
• Support in case the copy and scan feature in your All-In One printer are not working correctly.
• Assistance in connecting your wireless printer to the network for remote use.
• Help for resolving frequent paper jam issues arising in your printer.
• Technical support if your printer is giving very light or dark prints.
• Resolution of printer’s abrupt restarting troubles causing problems in work.
• Assistance if your printer is going offline on its own repeatedly.
• Support for other issues related to troubleshooting problems.

If you too are facing any of the above problem or any other problem that is not mentioned here then please get in touch with our experts as soon as possible and achieve peaceful sleep.

In case you need any help for such issues in using your Epson printer then you can immediately dial our Toll Free Number for help. Our highly experienced and skilled experts will help you by resolving these issues quickly. These experts have years of experience in resolving printer related issues, thus it doesn’t matter for them what kind of problem you are facing, they will fix the issue on time. We offer fast, reliable and effective solution for all such printer issues at a very affordable price. Call our Help Desk Number to get instant Support anytime and from anywhere.