Why My Printer Stopped Working on Mac?

The user might feel irritated when he or she is witnessing that Mac on which task is being carried out, does not get delivered properly and the printer which is linked with Mac has suddenly stopped functioning after few hours. Such scenario does make the user irritated. Well, it might happen because of chain of events that are taking place in a wrong way.

This might happen because of some troublemaking elements like –

Cables and Connections – The primary way of making sure user is able to detect troublemaking elements without any difficulty is cross-checking of cables that link computer and the printer. As due to lose connection, this might create rumbling effect in a negative manner. On the other hand, user should also inspect the USB ports. It is necessary because some odd form of break in proper connection might be the reason of the issue.

Application or Driver Related Issues – If the user after repeated attempts is unable to print using the same application, and then quit the printing. On the other hand, user should opt for the actual version of Mac OS X software program, such as Text Edit. Well, if the printer doesn’t perform efficiently, then either printer driver or the software program is not installed properly. At this stage, user should make sure of being abreast with latest form of Mac software. So, automatically disconnection of performance between the printer and Mac is not likely to take place. With the help of Epson Technical Helpline Services UK, all critical problems are taken care of in a very smart and intelligent manner.

Network Issues – Mac connected through AppleTalk might be facing its own level of communication problems. This is why if file sharing or web browsing is switched off, then communication between Mac and printer won’t be possible.

So, the user needs to be very careful that file sharing options is not off or Web Browsing is available. This is where you need to follow the given steps –
• User needs to select System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
• Then correctly click on the Network Icon.
• After this, Click on Advanced.
• Finally Click on AppleTalk. Check that your AppleTalk is active.

If the user is making use of Wireless Printer, then make sure of adding the printer to user’s network. This can be done on a temporarily basis through USB.

Repair Permissions – Well, according to Epson Printer Help Desk Experts, the user needs to repair Mac’s permissions without any delay. It is executed – when the user Double Clicks on the Utilities Icon located in the Applications Folder. Now, just open the Disk utilities and select the First-Aid and then Click on Hard Drive in the Disk Utility Window. To run the software, click on “Repair Disk Permission” button. Now, the examination of the Hard Drive will be conducted for any corrupt form of permissions.

There is additional form of information can also be gained provided the user communicates with the relevant professionals.