Why My Printer is Printing Uneven or Smeared?

A lot of factors can work to give unwanted, low-grade printouts. If you are having smudged and distorted text and images then this section is perfect for you. Here you will learn about the different causes of smudged and hazy printouts with their solution.

Problem with Paper: A non-standard size of the paper can cause the problem so you must check that the paper you are using is of 8.5 x 11 in size. Although, in case if you are using a non-standard paper then you need to feed the paper in a non-traditional method, for this you can either check your printer manual or contact Epson Printer support service providers. Apart from this, make sure that you are not using paper which is incompatible with the machine.

Humidity: Humidity is another cause for smudges and if you place your printer in a humid area the papers will absorb the moister in the air and will ultimately deliver smudged ink on the printout. Don’t print on a moist paper.

Problem with Driver: Strange and unreadable characters can also be the result of an outdated or corrupt driver. You must install the latest driver for your printer from the manufacturer’s website. This will avoid many other issues that can arise with your printer.

The Issue is with Your Ink Cartridge: If you are using the same cartridge from quite some time then there is a possibility that the ink level is low and that is what causing the print quality issue. Check the ink level and if needed replace the cartridge. Additionally, if you haven’t used your printer for quite some time then it is possible that your printer’s print head is clogged with the dry ink. Run head cleaning utility or call at Brother Printer helpline number UK if you want to manually clean the print head.

In case, none of the above solutions helped you then it is possible that the problem is related to your printer hardware. Maybe any of your printer hardware had reached to the end of its lifespan or got damaged. In this situation, only printer manufacturer or technical executive can help you.