What Makes Avast Antivirus The Best Choice For Over All Cyber Security?

Avast antivirus is considered the best choice for protecting the systems from all types of unwanted malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks. Avast is a brand that is trusted by all as it has served the IT market for the most prolonged period

Avast antivirus is also popular because it has developed various versions of itself over the years keeping in mind all the different requirements that the users do have of their own. Each and every version is a different set of new features, and every version of the software works in its way.

Different versions of Avast antivirus offered are as follows -

• Avast free antivirus
• Avast internet security
• Avast premier

Features offered by Avast free antivirus -

• Easy setup
• Protection from basic unwanted elements like malware

Highlights included in Avast Internet security set up -

• Effective firewall
• Anti-spamm filter
• Browser security
• WI- FI security

• Cyber capture
• Behavior shield
• Smart scan
• Sand Box

• Passive Mode
• Browser clean up
• Password protection

Features added in Avast premier -

Avast premier is the best out of all the versions of the software that are offered by Avast. Therefore along with features added in the lower versions it also has a few more features added to the set up. Those features are given below –

• Data Shredder
• Web cam shield
• Do not disturb.

All these features given above are the keys that make Avast antivirus the best choice for over all cyber security. Other than these features there is one more thing that makes it an undoubted choice of every user and that is the Avast help UK. The trained and certified team of experts makes it easy for the users to resolve if the software gets them stuck into any technical glitch. The technicians are available for help and support 24*7.