Scrub Off All Conflicts That Stop Adobe Application Installation

The reason why a user depending on Adobe products does not have to worry a lot about the functionality aspect is because the engineers and other professionals of Adobe have always maintained to establish a perfect platform for the user to execute work in a right manner.

If the user is installing or updating Adobe Creative Cloud app like – PhotoshopCC or Dreamweaver. In this case, user might witness difficulty in the action to take place because of some running application or process.

You can receive the following error in such situation: –

• "Please close the following application/process to continue: – LogTransport2,"
• "Please save your work and close the following programs, then click Continue:"

Steps to put halt against conflicting applications that are stopping Adobe Application Installation and Update are as follows:

For shutting the Application in Windows: –

• The user needs to make sure of right-clicking on the application icon which is located at the Taskbar. Now, the user needs to click Close tab to close the Window.

For closing the Process: –

1. The user needs to Right-Click on the Taskbar and Select Correctly on Task Manager.
2. In this step, a user needs to select the Process Tab and after this select Show process from All Users.
3. Now, precisely select a Conflicting Process from the List and Click on End Process.
4. In the last step, user needs to repeat Step 3 if there is any additional Conflicting Process taking place.

For Shutting the Application in Mac: –

• The user needs to Ctrl – Click on the application icon located in the dock and finally choose

For Closing the process –

• In the Finder section, user needs to Choose Go and then Utilities.
• Then Double-Click on the Activity Monitor Application.

Note: Sometimes users are not able to find process in Activity monitor, then go to Spotlight search and there type the name of the process and select it.

• The user needs to correctly, enter the name of the process in the Search Box. It is located in the upper right corner of Activity Monitor Window.
• The user needs to Double-Click on the conflicting process mentioned in the list. Now, just Click Quit in the process window. It is after this that user needs to Click on Force Quit.
• User needs to Repeat Step 3 & 4 for additional conflicting process.

Once, the user understands the procedures or steps mentioned above, the user is not likely to receive any trouble. Adobe Application is undoubtedly very concrete application, which delivers quality results. Having said this, all user’s difficulties is completely taken care of by professionals through Adobe helpline number UK.