Process to Clear out Dirt from Canon Printer Fuser Unit

Fuser unit is an important part of the printer. When the paper passes through the printer, it is the fuser unit that melts the toner to leave an impression on the paper. Thus, it is necessary to keep the fuser unit in perfect condition. If the surface of the fuser unit gets dirty or get obstructed in a way that it cannot make contact with the paper then you might face the print quality issue. Cleaning Canon Printer fuser unit is an important step in printer maintenance, but it can be a little difficult for a non-technical person. If you have basic knowledge about printer parts then only resume with the steps given in this section otherwise please connect with experts on Canon Printer contact number.

• Turn off your printer and unplug it from the wall outlet.
• Allow your printer to cool down for at least an hour before proceeding to the next step.
• Now open your printer access doors.
• Then remove the toner cartridge and other user removable units from the printer. You can take help for the same from your Printer user manual.
• Use a vacuum toner to vacuum the inside of the printer.
• Now use a lint-free cloth and dampen it using isopropyl alcohol to clean the fuser unit.
• Now wipe the surface of the fuser pad with this cloth. Be careful while cleaning as otherwise, you might damage the fuser unit.
• Then reassemble your printer and close all access doors of the printer.
• Turn on your printer and print a test page.

Hope you will be able to get quality prints after cleaning the fuser unit. If not, then maybe your fuser unit has reached to the end of its lifespan or it is damaged. Call professionals on Canon Printer support number UK. They will examine the fuser unit and if it needs replacement then they will help you with the process. They will make the task easier for you and help you deal with all sorts of print quality issues. You can even consult these experts for other printer problems.