Now Install your Canon Wireless Printer without Outside Help

As the technology is advancing we got wireless printers in market. A wireless printer is a printer that has no wire connected to it. It lets you print from every device that is connected to the same network. Canon Wireless Printers are becoming more popular day by day because they are easy and convenient. Installing a wired printer is bit easier than installing a wireless printer. But here we are going to make this simpler for you. You can try the following steps to install Canon Wi-Fi printer.

• Open your machine by removing all the protective materials and orange tape.
• Open paper tray.
• Then lift the scanning unit cover.
• Now connect the power cord by inserting it to the power outlet on wall and printer power interface.
• Press On button to turn on your printer.
• Select the language and then press Ok.
• Now press On button again to turn off the printer.
• Open scanning unit cover and insert ink cartridge holder in the holder and close the scanning cover.
• Turn on your printer and wait till the ink cartridge adjusts.
• Press setup button, Use operation panel select Wireless LAN setup and then press Ok.
• Select easy setup and press Ok.
• Then select access point and press Ok.
• Enter WEP key by operating panel and press Ok.
• Then insert CD ROM and click Run Msetup4.exe on the auto play screen.
• Select your resident place and click next.
• Click easy install and then on the next page click install.
• Select use the printer on network and then click next.
• Once the installation gets complete, printer detection screen will appear, and then click Next.
• Now select your printer and click next.
• When printer setup completion window appears, click complete.
• When printer application menu appears, your setup is complete.

But if in case you couldn’t setup your wireless printer because you do not have Msetup4 or may be because the printer isn’t automatically detected then you will need to take help from professional who can give you any alternative solution for this. You can get in touch with printer experts at Canon Printer Phone Number UK. With their help you can enjoy all the features of your wireless printer and hence you can print from any device you want in your home whether from mobile, laptop, computer or Mac.