Installation and Configuration of Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS

In the present time, people are switching from laptop and desktop computers to Mac. Mac is the present generation computer with amazing operating system. Similarly, having a printer at home and workplace has become a necessity. Mostly printer users have one common issue and that is that they feel difficult to install their printer driver on Mac. If you are a Dell Printer user and having same issue with Mac OS X then you can take assistance from this blog to install your printer or call us at Dell Printer Helpline Number UK.

Download and Install Dell Printer Driver

• Download driver from printer genuine site.
• Run the downloaded file and follow the installer wizard to complete the driver installation.

Yes, this is as simple as this and if you want to add your network printer then you need to use IP address/Hostname to complete the task.

• Select your Apple icon and click on System preferences.
• Choose Print & Fax, click (+) icon to open add printer application.
• Set IP and select the following options:

Protocol: set the line printer Daemon.

Address: set the printer IP address or hostname.

Queue: leave it blank.

Name: Change the name to a friendly name like Dell Printer.

Location: You can leave it blank.

Print Using: Press down the arrow and select the appropriate driver.
• Press Add.

Apart from the above mentioned printers you can also install a USB Printer, installing it involves different steps.

How to select printing options?

• Within the application selected, click the file menu and select print.
• Then select the correct print queue and press the Show detail button.
• You will see all printer options available to select.
• Finally press print to send the print job.

Want to know more about printer installation or configuration then please get in touch with skillful techies who are working at 0808-196-1485 Dell Printer driver updation.