How Avast Antivirus 2019 is Better than Its Previous Versions?

The world of security keeps on evolving, so the world of cybercrime. The security solution which was effective last year might not be able to provide you protection this year. This is the reason. Avast keep on improving its security and performance features. Avast uses AI technology, machine learning and vast data network to stay ahead of black hat hackers. Every Avast product is tested in their lab and is also sent to third-party for evaluation to understand where the scope for improvement is.

In the year 2018, people have come across more of phishing scams and data breaches. Thus, Avast worked really hard to improve its security and performance. The software can provide smarter and faster protection to its users. They can now access non-crackable data privacy. Get the software installed in your PC with the help of technicians who are available at Avast Technical Help Number UK. Smart Protection with Advanced Anti-Phishing Technology.

The software comes with machine learning and image recognition feature that can identify and block malicious and phishing sites at a faster speed. It will stop you from becoming a victim of such websites.

Improved Performance with Do Not Disturb Feature

Now you will no more get disturbed by any notification, message or alerts while playing games, watching videos and giving PowerPoint presentation in the office. Do not Disturb feature becomes active then moment when you go full screen mode. You can go to its settings and decide which social media app you want to go quiet. Call at Avast Support UK to adjust your app settings. We can say Do Not Disturb is a better version of Game Mode.

Protect Your Privacy through Sensitive Data Shield

The Sensitive data shield is meant to protect the particular part of the system like Webcam Shield protects your webcam and Ransomware Shield makes sure that your file doesn’t get encrypted. Similarly, Sensitive Data Shield scans your system for any .xls, .doc, .pdf and .txt files which contain your private data or information. It protects these files from unauthorized access. These files are not uploaded anywhere and are not on your server, they remain where they are, they are just protected with Avast-level security. It needs your permission to open. This feature is available on premium Avast products.

So, this is time to install Avast antivirus on your PC to fight against cyber criminals. We have to join hands together to defeat them.