Good and Bad Points of Laser Printers

When it comes to buying a printer we always remain confused about the type. Mostly the confusion relies between inkjet printer and laser printers. In present time mostly people prefer to go with Laser printers as they use non-impact, photocopier technology. These printers are also known as “Page Printers” as they print one page at a time but in very fast speed. But even in laser printers you have two types, monochrome laser printer and color laser printers. Although, most printers in present time are monochrome as choosing color laser printer will be 10 times more expensive than monochrome.

You can make a good choice of printer with the help of an expert by connecting with them on Canon Printer Toll Free Number UK. It would be better to take their suggestion before investing in any printer. They will suggest you the best printer as per your requirement. However, if you want to know more about pros and cons of laser printer, than go through this section thoroughly.


• The main reason why people opt for these printers is its speed and efficiency.
• Obviously no one likes to get disturbed by the sound made by printers as that is quite irritating. But when you go for these printers you do not have to worry about it as these printers are quite optimized and they do not make any sound.
• They are capable of printing large number of papers in less time. They furnish higher potential than other printer as they use the technology of electro-photography for printing.
• In fact these are user friendly printers, as you can take benefit from its self printing features which can perform printing task without any supervision.
• The print quality is good when you want sharp black text or small font with fine lines.


• The first thing that we consider before buying a printer is its cost and definitely laser printers are costlier than other printers. Not only this, even maintenance, servicing and mending it can also cost too much, so if you are looking for an economical printer then these are not meant for you.
• These printers are non-impact printers, thus multipart stationary can’t be used, which means double printing can’t be performed at the same time.
• It takes too much time to warm up.
• When you think of replacing your toner cartridge then you have to lose your pocket for it. However, there are various means through which you can save toner and that you can learn from our expert team at Epson Printer Support Phone Number UK.
• Even these printers are harmful for environment and health as well. These printers run on high voltage which generate small amount of ozone, damaging our ozone layer and even they are known to emit some particles that causes respiratory diseases.
• These printers are not good for photos and graphics.

As now you are aware of its good and bad point, so it will become easy for you to choose the correct printer.