Fix Print Quality Issue of HP Office Jet 6000 Printer Series (E609)

When you buy a printer then the first thing that you expect from it is to deliver fine quality print, no one like to have a printer that print blur, faded, ghosted, with white bands and so on. But to the user’s disappointment, there are certain things that can affect the print quality of their printer. This has happened a lot of time with the users of the HP Office Jet 6000 Printer Series (E609). This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the brand of the machine, it can happen with any printer brand and any printer model. But this blog is going to put a light on how you can fix print quality issues of HP Office Jet 6000 Printer Series (E609) on Windows PC. You can follow these given solutions one by one, but attempt these solutions only if you have some technical knowledge, otherwise, Dial HP Printer Technical Support Number UK for assistance.

Solution 1: Use Genuine HP Cartridge

This is something people neglect. Just to save a little buck they go for a third-party or refilled cartridge which delivers then low-quality print and if used in long run, can even damage the printer.

Solution 2: Perform Automatic Service Routine

If the print quality issue is with the black ink then it can be resolved by using an automatic service routine of the printer. This will improve the print quality within few hours.

Solution 3: Check the Paper

Check the following things:
• You have loaded the paper with the print size downwards.
• You are using the correct type and size of paper.
• The paper type and size matches with paper settings.
• You are not using old, curled or torn paper.

Solution 4: Check the Print Settings

Check your print settings, make sure you haven’t set your printer on grayscale or draft mode, as that might save your ink but will surely diminish the quality.

Solution 5: Clean the Print Head

A clogged print head can cause the print quality issue, most HP Printer comes with head cleaning utility to fix this issue. Run head cleaning utility to clean the print head. If needed, run the utility multiple times.

Solution 6: Check Ink Level

Check the ink level of the cartridge, if any of the cartridges is low or empty then replace it.

Solution 7: Replace the Damaged Part

There is a possibility that either any of the cartridges or your print head is damaged which is why you are getting this print quality issue. Replace the damaged cartridge or print head to resolve the issue.

If none of the above solutions worked for you then you are left only with one option and that is to call at HP Printer Help Number UK. At this helpline, you can find a solution for all HP printer issues from experts, even those which look stubborn.