Configuration Setup of AVAST Internet Security for Mozilla Firefox

If you are using the Firefox browser, you may want to add a handy extension from AVAST Internet Security which protects you from malware and phishing sites. Avast is a well-known internet security that will protect your PC from virus, Trojans, and malware. It is integrated with A-one facilities that not only protects your PC but also enhance its performance. This software is an enhanced security program and should be your first choice. However, at times, it may prevent Firefox from connection to the internet after the browser has been re-installed or updated. If you need to know more about Avast then it is advisable to call at Avast Helpline UK.

The Avast web browser extension enhances your online security experience when browsing the internet. The extension also provides various options to protect your online privacy. If you are using a platform which doesn’t need the use of anti-malware and anti-virus then you should remember that the virus of phishing attacks can steal you, regardless of platform, if you are not careful. In that case, the Avast security extension for Firefox can help. You will get a real-time indication of trustworthiness sites based on the crowd-sourced web of trust ratings and known blacklists.

Just follow these steps to install the Avast extension:

• Open Firefox
• Click on the Menu available in the upper-right corner
• Click Add-ons
• Click Get Add-ons
• Scroll to the bottom and click See More Add-ons
• Now, search for Avast
• Click on the Avast Online Security entry
• Click Add to Firefox
• When prompted, click Add
• When prompted again click OK

Before starting with the procedure, it is highly recommended to update Firefox and Avast Internet Security if you haven’t already done so. When you install Avast Antivirus on your PC, the Avast Internet Security extension is automatically added to your browser and ready to start. If you are facing any issue while configuring Avast on Mozilla then it is suggested to get connected with an expert at Avast Support UK.