Never Commit These Common Printing Mistakes

Posted on : 07 October, 2017

Common Printing Mistakes

From a distance printing looks to be really simple task. You just have to give the command to the printer to get a printout of your desired document or image. But the real problem comes when you have to deal with print quality and other technical issues. Most of these mistakes pops-up because of user mistakes, there are some minor or major things that people neglect while using a printer.

Fix printer error messages

Error messages become really frustrating when they pop up while you are trying to print some important documents. When you see an error message while printing from Epson printer, your printer will stop responding or working, though these error messages helps you identify the main problem so that you can resolve them. You can learn more about error messages by dialing Epson Printer Helpline Number UK.

Brother Printer Helpline Number UK

Faint print is one of the most common issues that you will see any printer user struggling with. Brother Printers are of no exception in this case, they too deliver faint print even if the printer has enough ink or toner in it. It is understandable how irritating it must be for the user as a faded print makes the project or assignment look dull and vague.

Canon Printer Helpline Number UK

As the technology is advancing we got wireless printers in market. A wireless printer is a printer that has no wire connected to it. It lets you print from every device that is connected to the same network. Canon Wireless Printers are becoming more popular day by day because they are easy and convenient. Installing a wired printer is bit easier than installing a wireless printer. But here we are going to make this simpler for you. You can try the following steps to install Canon Wi-Fi printer.


How to make Gmail account secure

Posted on : 26 July, 2017

Emailing has become a day to day activity for almost everyone. Keeping an email account secure is a must as we have lot of personal conversations and documents available in our email account. Apart from this users personal information and other account holders details should also be prevented from any harm.

Gmail is the most popular and widely used web mail service available worldwide. Gmail allows you to send and receive mail in a safe manner. One can even have an organized address book through Gmail. Gmail service is ultra-fast and secure. Gmail makes sure to keep your account safe from hackers or any unauthorized access.


We all need many types of application to accomplish our regular work related to office or home. But, what happens after you gotten the application blocked from AVG Antivirus? It is hard to tell the actual impact on users as everyone has the individual necessity that they can’t explain. Either their work is getting delayed or they are missing the opportunities to get the best for them due to an application is getting blocked. The reason for this issue is the firewall of AVG Antivirus that is declining its use or compatibilities is not good. Usually, it happens when an application is not recognized by its firewall. At this time, you need to follow some necessary steps that are mentioned below.